Am alive

I am very much alive 🙂 My exams has been keeping me very busy. But there is a lot more to share, from the last few weeks of conversations, reading and learning. Will do shortly.

Stay tuned.

Comments : Disabled

I am a big believer in Social Networking, Collaboration, Brain Storming, Voicing ideas, thoughts and suggestions. However, the spammers are steadfast in their mission to just ruin any or all such experience.

I have been patiently and meticulously scanning comments and marking those as SPAM. However, I do see they acting as mutants. I am spending more time to keep the house clean, than to engage in any conversation.

So, I have disabled comments all together. I am sorry. However, I am game for any constructive discussion.

I have update the ‘About Shankar‘, with ways to reach me or follow me.

Thank you for your understanding.