Choice of a Business Intelligence Tool – Part I

Previously I raised a question, commonly asked on the flavor of database for data warehouse. 

Along the lines, I get asked “What is your choice for a Business Intelligence tool?”.┬áTo be clear, most often this question is about a ‘reporting’ tool and not an ‘ETL’ tool.

My answer as my position is the same – there is no ready made, predetermined answer to this.

Why again is it difficult to answer that or actually what would be the criteria to select a BI tool?

Here are some

  1. Underlying data warehouse architecture
  2. Data volume (today and projections)
  3. Application Interfaces
  4. Usage (today and projections)
  5. User Experience
  6. Legacy tool knowledge, considerations and applicability
  7. Availability Expectations
  8. (Last but not least) Budget
I will explore each of these in detail as well. Stay tuned.