Database Choice for Data Warehouse – Part I

Frequently a question crops up “What is your database choice for a data warehouse?” 

It is not an easy question to answer and certainly should not be a preconceived one. Here is why.

There are number of things that have be to looked at, in recommending and/or opting a database for a data warehouse.

Here is a small list.

  • Existing Infrastructure
  • Existing Architecture
  • Current/Recent Issues
  • Application Interfaces
  • Current/Recent Data Volume Trends
  • Existing Talent Pool (Database & Non-Database)
  • Expected Growth – Application Model and Complexity
  • Expected Growth – Data Volume
  • Consumption/Usage – Business Intelligence, Analytics etc.
  • Availability/SLA’s
  • (Last but not least) – Budget
I will explore each of them in detail. Also, what I have not covered (but left for a later post) is specifics about the database product, the company behind it, their market position.