BigData – Market consolidation and value.

I have mixed reaction on Vertica being bought by HP.

To start with, Vertica is a good product. They have carved out a niche space for themselves. Columnar database has come a long way and I would say its still emerging to give benefits. Vertica has long been a proponent of columnar databases. It is a good company, product line to buy. But I am concerned that the good product could go waste with HP, which has had questionable success in the space of Data warehousing.

But what stands out in this move by HP, is the market for Big Data solutions.

Big Data solutions are hot commodities today. Companies big and small are trying to manage data in a new scale and trying to consume them for purposes, that needs a different architecture all together. That is where Big Data solutions such as Vertica, Aster Data, ParAccell, Infobright, Xtremedata and frameworks such as MapReduce and Hadoop come to help.

With the ever growing need to collect more information and with the storage costs crashing, companies find lot of value in adopting Big Data solutions. Also, the type of data that companies big and small, have to deal with today is going through a fundamental transformation.

Combing through the Social world to mine ‘comments’ and ‘tweets’, which are unstructured, having to deal with hierarchical data structures such as JSON and having to be able to relate them with GeoSpatial information needs a shift in our approach towards data warehousing and analytics you would expects out of these systems.

I will write more about these challenges and also about some of these Big Data solutions soon. Stay tuned.